an astronautun astronauta
the Moonla luna
the centuryel siglo
the crew memberel tripulante
the dreamel sueƱo
the effortslos intentos
the landingel aterrizaje
the measurementla medida
the moon landingel alunizaje
the prideel orgullo
the ray, beamel rayo
the resultel fruto
the samplela muestra
the sandla arena
the soilel suelo
the taking off (of a plane, rocket)el despegue
to be expectedser de esperar
to finish, completecumplir
to get lost, be lostperderse
to landaterrizar
to land on the moonalunizar
to leave (something behind)dejar
to let, allow (something to happen)dejar + inf
to state, affirmafirmar
to stop (doing something)dejar de + inf
to storealmacenar
to take offdespegar
to triggerdar lugar a
to verifycomprobar