the abdomenl'abdomen
the armle bras
the backle dos
the breastle sein
the buttocksle derrière/les fesses
the calfle mollet
the cheekla joue
the chestla poitrine
the chinle menton
the earsles oreilles
the elbowle coude
the eyebrowle sourcil
the eyelashesles cils
the eyelidla paupière
the eyesles yeux
the footle pied
the foreheadle front
the gumsles gencives
the hairles cheveux
the handla main
the headla tête
the hipla hanche
the jawla mâchoire
the kneele genou
the legla jambe
the lipla lèvre
the mouthla bouche
the neckle cou
the nosele nez
the shoulderl'épaule
the teethles dents
the thighla cuisse
the tonguela langue
the waistla taille