the baconle bacon
the breastsles blancs
the chickenle poulet
the clamsles palourdes
the crable crabe
the drumsticksles pilons
the duckle canard
the gizzardsles gésiers
the ground beefle boeuf haché
the halibutle flétan
the lambl'agneau
the liverle foie
the lobsterle homard
the meatla viande
the musselsles moules
the oystersles huîtres
the porkle porc
the pork chopsla côtelette de porc
the roast beefle rosbif
the salmonle saumon
the sausagela saucisse
the scallopsles coquilles
the seafoodles fruits de mer
the shrimples crevettes
the steakle steak
the thighsles cuisses
the troutla truite
the turkeyla dinde
the wingsles ailes