the artichokesles artichauts
the asparagusles asperges
the beetsles betteraves
the broccolile brocoli
the cabbagele chou
the carrotsles carottes
the cauliflowerle chou-fleur
the celeryle céleri
the cornle maïs
the cucumbersles concombres
the eggplantsles aubergines
the garlicl'ail
the lettucela laitue
the mushroomsles champignons
the onionsles oignons
the parsleyle persil
the peasles petits pois
the potatoesles pommes de terre
the radishesles radis
the scallionsles oignons verts
the spinachl'épinard
the squashla courge
the string beansles haricots verts
the sweet peppersles poivrons
the tomatoesles tomates
the turnipsles navets
the vegetablesles légumes
the yamsles ignames
the zucchinila courgette